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From General Manager, John Shelley, Jr.

I joined my father, John Shelley, Sr., who is now retired, in the family machine and ship repair business some 40 years ago. My father started the original shop back in 1973 and employed among others, my sister - Lauretta Pisarczyk – and me. For 43 years, we worked in the machine and marine industry across Canada and the United States.

Grand Reopening

When my father retired, the rest of the Shelley family worked hard to keep the company running up to our standards continuing to focus on “the little guy.” However, management issues caused the family to sell our investment in 2006 -- we took our name off the business. After taking a two-year leave of absence from the business, the old employees and the community convinced me to open our doors again.

New Location, Newly-Reopened in 2009

After finding an 8,500-square-foot. fabricating shop at 1300 Plank Road in Sarnia, we reopened our doors in January 2009 with a lot of help from new partners, family, friends and our old loyal customers. What a reception! Jobs were coming in and the company was welcomed by all since our first day open. We were taking jobs when our order forms weren’t even printed yet! Now we’ve grown into a large operation that specializes in ship repair, fabricating, CNC machining and manufacturing pressure vessels.  December 2016 - We have expanded our facility to include a new heavy lift shop of 12,000 sq. ft. with 2 x 20 ton cranes with 28" hook height. The facility now includes 5 new offices, a board room and a tool crib.

Going Strong

A lot of hard work, great friends and great customers have made the new Shelley Machine & Marine business successful. We are now entering our 8th year, and things are very positive for the new shop. We still strive to provide safe and quality work for small and large businesses throughout Canada and the U.S., 24 hours a day.

Employees Remain Our Most Valuable Asset

Our company has now grown to 30 dedicated employees working hard to provide services to our customers. Our employees are our most valuable asset. All of them are highly skilled in their respective fields, and are undergoing safety training through the Industrial Education Corporation (IEC), as well as behaviour-based safety training.

Supporting Our Community

Shelley Machine & Marine has also kept up our great reputation in supporting the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) for local high schools, the apprenticeship program for local colleges, and the Community Living program that supports people with intellectual disabilities. Our new Shelley Machine & Marine is well-equipped and ready to serve you. Thanks to the support of our community, the new Shelley Machine & Marine will continue to work hard at being the best in the industry.

Our Commitment

Shelley Machine & Marine is dedicated to preserving the principles and values of the past, while embracing forward–thinking strategies for further development and growth. We provide the highest quality of work for our customers and are available 24 hours a day when you need us the most!

Three men in front of Shelley Machine & Marine store
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